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Her rock

Delia King’s design for a Philadelphia mural including Lady K’s poem
fotos & design by Delia King

Delia King, once of Cleveland now of Philadelphia, is doing a basketball court mural which includes the poem My Rock by Lady K. When it’s done, we’ll drive to Philadelphia and foto Lady next to her public poem. (12th and Cambria Playground basketball court has held city-wide championships for 20 years and sent many on to the NBA).

My Rock

Most people think of a rock as
something stationary on the ground.

There is a rock in me
that makes me go.

I was bewildered
by the mystery of my ambition.

That’s when I found this rock.

This rock won’t break up,
and it doesn’t respond
to my questions.

This rock just says
“I am a rock”
and it makes me go.

— Lady K, sometime between 2002 and 2004

Congratulations to both Delia and Lady.

Inner rock – foto Smith

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  1. MadM says:

    Oh, congratulations! That’s always been one of my favorite Ladypomes.

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