Secret passage – foto Smith

There’s an almost song here in this wisp of a will — it’s so low-key it’s almost non-existent.

Recorded it today; poem from 1965, chorus today –> Still Withers.

Still Withers

The tears come quickly to my eyes
as my heart cries, withers and dies
withers and dies, withers and dies
sorrowful sounds re-echoed replies

While I lie aloof within my room
downing in moody bleak boy tune

Soulful searching and one or two lies
bring sadly laden sorrow filled skies
and a heart that cries, withers and dies
blue’s bird tried by quibbles and lies

And I’m left alone aloof in my room
drearily drenched in bleak boy gloom

Wrapped in fame like tired fire flung
feebled flame forever undone
As black steals o’er the once proud sun
God stirs restless within her tomb

And I alone aloof in my room
drowning in direful bleak boy doom

Sorrowful sounds
Re-echoed replies
Withers and dies
Withers and dies

— Smith, 1965/2012

Music, mix recording Peter Ball of Apartment One; words, voice Smith.

Lots more Ball & Smith sound excursions at

Passing shadow – foto Smith

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  1. cool.. this looks like the highway bridge above… how cool.

    I love your older/ new poems…..

    I miss reading.. I need to catch up one of these next days..

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