Brain Salad

Mind mode – foto Smith

Brain Salad

Belief and doubt
merge in comforting concinnity

Bursiform bag
on broken throne

Token clone
of tarnished saint

No here here
or there there

No here now
just now now

— Smith, 11.30.2012

Connect the dots – foto Smith

New Year’s Model

Slowly I turn – foto Smith

New Year’s Model

Old walk, new waddle
as border I straddle
of was forever will be
break from cage
cocoon hibernation
burn to butterfly
phoenix rebirth

— Smith, 11.29.2012

Caution – foto Smith


birdsss – foto Smith

Birds swarm to top of tree
as she seeds the feeder
before her morning run

— Smith, 11.27.2012

Once Lady stopped feeding Occupy each morning, she bought a red plastic bird feeder and hung it out front and began feeding the birds before her morning run. The birds gather every morning, a moving mass of feathers, 50-100 sometimes, mostly sparrows, and they know just about when she’s supposed to be out there with the birdseed.

Pulp sculptress Melissa Jay Craig told us of a rural friend who started feeding the deer bales of hay in the winter who slept in one morning and was woken by a BAM. Thinking it a fallen branch he lay back down, hears another BAM, BAM. Gets up. It’s a deer banging his antlers against the house, wanting to be fed.

They know where we are, and when we’re harmless.

two by to – foto Smith

Karma Sutra

cause effect – foto Smith

Karma Sutra

Which comes first, the seed or the bloom?

In lotus blossom, both —
simultaneous cause and effect.

From dirty water undefiled flower.

— Smith, 11.26.2012

locus- foto Smith

Our Spaceship Earth

Our Spaceship Earth


Smith, me and Mandycat are on a spaceship. Sometimes it’s just me, actually. But most of the time it’s the three of us. It’s our apartment. Our apartment is the spaceship cabin. And we are the passengers of the events that we read about. And sometimes we are the captains. We can always take the helm of the spaceship and help the events around us, too.

The other day I was cutting out our new insurance ID cards from Progressive and at the same time I decided to put together the spaceship model, OUR SPACESHIP EARTH. It struck me that we are going to be driving backed up by Progressive now in our big wide spaceship earth. And I also found a bunch of four leaf clovers that day. Very auspicious.

We have platinum membership on OUR SPACESHIP EARTH so I wonder what that means. Does that mean that we are VIPs? I think we are VIPs if we remember that other people are VIPs, too. But back in the apartment helm, we are definitely captains of this realm. And sometimes outside the realm, too, when we settle in and gel into the moment, listen to its sounds and understand what is going on with the flow.

Several years ago I asked the aliens to beam us aboard. I think they are telling me that we are already on-board.

The meaning of OUR SPACESHIP EARTH is to realize that although Earth is a big wonderful place, it seems to be finite at least in the everyday grasping of it and understanding how to utilize it properly, and that this spaceship is to be respected and maintained, especially the garden part of it. We are still in Eden; we were never expelled.

I do not think we will need to use our ID cards other than to have good assurance that we are covered, the Precautionary Principle. And I like the idea of it being with Progressive. Does that mean that we’re driving our spaceship in a progressive direction now? I like to think so. Progressive with all the good connotations.

~ Lady

Sangha Song

Lotus blossom – foto Smith

Sangha Song

What the word from there to here?
How the why that gets us there?
Where the walk to stalk the better?
Who the fool to choose this whether?

Bare tree stretches for the moon
Leaves across the land long strewn
Outside door my social tomb
Hope for favor future womb

I mean well but stumble fall
Try to walk but often crawl
But at least I give my all
Except the part of heart that’s dull

I’m my own bad waking joke
Instead of winning rather toke
And way inside I’m often broke
But try to better me invoke

Words wobble well in wry delight
When one-on-one we lobby light
To bring to day some spark of night
And wrestle with our wrong to right

— Smith, 11.25.2012

Yin Yang – foto Smith

2 wrongs 1 right

Camera malfunction 2 – foto Smith

My camera malfunctioned for my first two Thanksgiving fotos.

Top foto is of the sky, bottom foto of a swimming pool cover.

Top foto looks to be a Reality Cell, the probability wave stuff reality is composed of . . . this may be the first shot of it ever captured.

Camera malfunction 1 – foto Smith

Thanksgiving as a time of progress

At Thanksgiving I think about the abundance that will be on the table, interacting with family members and the bustle of preparation. I think about pleasing people and pleasing my stomach. I think about symbolism and pleasing tradition while making progress.

I remember Thanksgivings past, the huge table and commotion at Grandma and Grandpa Ireland’s house. I imagine my Grandparents looking in on these words and looking in on us and helping when they can. I’m looking at a photo of them as young adults and I wonder what it was like for them–they must have been almost as responsible as they were when I knew them. I imagine them being much like my brother Jonathan and new sister Dedra setting up business. My grandparents were industrious.

And the holiday’s about giving thanks for the harvest. We have so very much abundance here that it’s a concern that we do not overeat. How fortunate we are. Even very poor people here quite often have enough to eat, although there is much to do to make sure that healthy food is affordable and accessible to everyone.

How can we work our harvest better? By making the healthy stuff more prevalent, by being more ethical in how we grow it and what we consume. By being kinder to Mother Earth so she can provide harvests for us in good health.

Reaching into the gist of the moment, putting my hand into the gist of the moment, what I’d like to do is really make stronger connections. Not to be poignant for poignancy’s sake, but to make progress.

Progress in our relationships–fulfilling the promise of how we thought we were going to be as capable adults now that we are older. Progress in my relationships. So Thanksgiving is not just a time to give thanks, but to show action concerning our thanks. To work on relationships. To use the dividends of our continuing maturity. To be what we can be.

I remember a family meal Smith & I were invited to in Mexico by a serious young man who practiced English with us. He addressed everyone around the table individually and thanked them for how they contributed to his life. This was during a dinner he put together because he was leaving Mexico to be a student in Canada.

I would like to do this at our gatherings, foster this kind of serious joy in recognizing each other’s importance. Perhaps some formality or format helps, even a game? We can foster this.

At Thanksgivings at my Aunt Jan’s and Uncle Jim’s, we have gone around the table and individually articulated what we are thankful for… can we take this opportunity today?

~ Lady

Sky Eye

Sun arise – foto Smith

Cock-a-doodle Do

The Great Gauze Above
wraps Earth below
in white cumulus cloud
burnished sun bright sky blue
over gleam glass ocean
green grand land
morning star to shine on through
egging me to do
something higher righter better tighter
for the light, not the liar

— Smith, 11.21.2012

Sky eye – foto Smith



My grandparents, my good luck charmers.

~ Lady