Month: November 2012

  • Brain Salad

    Mind mode – foto Smith Brain Salad Belief and doubt merge in comforting concinnity Bursiform bag on broken throne Token clone of tarnished saint No here here or there there No here now just now now — Smith, 11.30.2012 Connect the dots – foto Smith

  • New Year’s Model

    Slowly I turn – foto Smith New Year’s Model Old walk, new waddle as border I straddle of was forever will be or break from cage cocoon hibernation burn to butterfly phoenix rebirth — Smith, 11.29.2012 Caution – foto Smith

  • birdsss

    birdsss – foto Smith Birds swarm to top of tree as she seeds the feeder before her morning run — Smith, 11.27.2012 Once Lady stopped feeding Occupy each morning, she bought a red plastic bird feeder and hung it out front and began feeding the birds before her morning run. The birds gather every morning, […]

  • Karma Sutra

    cause effect – foto Smith Karma Sutra Which comes first, the seed or the bloom? In lotus blossom, both — simultaneous cause and effect. From dirty water undefiled flower. — Smith, 11.26.2012 locus- foto Smith

  • Our Spaceship Earth

    Our Spaceship Earth

    Smith, me and Mandycat are on a spaceship. Sometimes it’s just me, actually. But most of the time it’s the three of us. It’s our apartment. Our apartment is the spaceship cabin…

  • Sangha Song

    Lotus blossom – foto Smith Sangha Song What the word from there to here? How the why that gets us there? Where the walk to stalk the better? Who the fool to choose this whether? Bare tree stretches for the moon Leaves across the land long strewn Outside door my social tomb Hope for favor […]

  • 2 wrongs 1 right

    Camera malfunction 2 – foto Smith My camera malfunctioned for my first two Thanksgiving fotos. Top foto is of the sky, bottom foto of a swimming pool cover. Top foto looks to be a Reality Cell, the probability wave stuff reality is composed of . . . this may be the first shot of it […]

  • Thanksgiving as a time of progress

    At Thanksgiving I think about the abundance that will be on the table, interacting with family members and the bustle of preparation…

  • Sky Eye

    Sun arise – foto Smith Cock-a-doodle Do The Great Gauze Above wraps Earth below in white cumulus cloud burnished sun bright sky blue over gleam glass ocean green grand land morning star to shine on through egging me to do something higher righter better tighter for the light, not the liar — Smith, 11.21.2012 Sky […]

  • Grandparents

    My grandparents, my good luck charmers.