3-D white-out – foto Smith

Cosmic Cable

They claim we’re born in violence
from Big Bang boom
and thus are doomed
to thrash and threat
with no thread of solace
but yet
they’re wrong
if all we are are coded bits
between recorded sheens
beamed along
by some Cosmic Programmer
to amuse whatever’s watching.

In which case we come not from violence
but silence
before we’re turned on
our code run
which is why
we dance and stew and bow and hew
to keep our corporal sponsor
just a little longer
as silence to silence we slip in journey
slowly becoming more worthy
learning the less we know.

— Smith, 12.30.2012

Flat earth on finger (or peeled tangerine) – foto Smith

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  1. love the top photo.. made me smile.. also bottom photo made me laugh out loud… what a way to give the world the finger… 🙂

    I like your poem… I don’t think-if there is a “God/goddess” that they are vengeful… perhaps an odd sense of humor maybe. We have no idea if the creation of the Universe was a serious endeavor or and act of whimsy. I suppose I’d prefer to think it was whimsy… just to see what would happen… we think of creating as a pleasurable activity… why wouldn’t deity?

    anyway.. your poem made me wonder… and that’s not a bad thing..

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