Month: June 2013

  • 2013 Cleveland Gay Pride Parade

    2013 Cleveland Gay Pride Parade – foto Smith Lady and I marched in yesterday’s annual Gay Pride Parade with her West Shore Universalist Unitarian church. Must say the UUs do walk their talk of accepting everyone as they are regardless of sexual orientation, color, gender or even belief or non-belief because I saw at least […]

  • night life

    day/night – foto Smith Night Life Train call in distance sounds lonesome. Cat cry on street sounds forlorn. I lie outside compliance one in only. End day in retreat but regroup by morn. — Smith, 6.29.2013 poetry pocket notebook w/ 4-leaf clovers – foto Smith

  • Nekro Filly (the song)

    Austin Powers doing Buddy Holly – foto Smith Tasteless subject, questionable lyrics (but funny), and an end that attacks without warning . . . here’s the newest song by Mutant Smith aka Ball & Smith aka Peter Ball doing music, mix and recording with me doing vocals and lyrics. Click here to hear Nekro Filly […]


    I want to write a poem about the freedom to live happily. / I want to write a poem about the freedom to live happily.

  • 38 yr-old 45rpm < notes > 18 yr-old t-shirt

    t-shirt back – foto Smith A few years ago Peter Ball (the music half of Ball & Smith) gave me a 1995 Pere Ubu t-shirt with the cover art from their 1975 single “30 Seconds Over Tokyo” on the front and Peter Laughner’s inner sleeve notes on the back. Here’s the short story on the […]

  • book excerpt + Plain Dealer column on my privates

    American Ego, 1984, 15″ x 22″, – collage & foto Smith (excerpt from “Stations of the Lost & Found” by Smith & Lady plus column by James Neff from 1984) The pieces that got me my initial notoriety began late at night when I was drunk and wrapped my penis in small American flags, draped […]

  • Nekro Filly

    sandfish – foto Smith Nekro Filly My baby’s cold, stiff as a board She’s growing mold but is all I can afford Her skin’s kind of blue where it ain’t all green When I do my do I first have to clean Small critters away that live inside In chilled spice of cockroach pride She […]

  • too pure for day gaze

    X u r here – foto Smith Night and Day White night flowers slow close at dawn too pure for day’s gaze I float in dark water inhale their sweet leaving dream new day dream — Smith, 6.21.2013 new day dream – foto Smith

  • Summer Solstice Thoughts

    Paco Pena remembering quiet moments. Maybe he was with his woman on a beach. Maybe Paco Pena was throwing a frisbee to his dog.

  • plexis portal

    old daze – foto Smith composite composition – foto Smith nexus – foto Smith plexus – foto Smith portal – foto Smith