Holy spots

the Qaaba
the Wailing Wall
the Statue of Liberty
the ground we walk on
the ground we can’t get to
to walk on

That’s OK

Peace in letting some ground lay there
Peace in letting the adornment be there
the garlands of whatever on it

Just stopping the insanity
Soaking in the sanity

The garlands
The bird winging by
in gold morning sun

Proof of Real Reality

Peace in taking off one’s shoes
walking around, really thinking
just relaxing

Do you really think about it?

About the center, about keeping
the center there?
the rock there?
the rock on this planet?
not busting it up
letting the rock just be there?
meaning the solid foundation
what you build your house,
your church, your story on?

I do.

I see the base of mountains
being held tight, solid, underground
the base of it all, being held solid
tight, underground

Can laying there on the rock
on the dirt, above the rock
on the flora, above the dirt
in the house, among the flora
and the fauna

Can that help?

Can I find my ground(?)
above that rock
and remember
how solid
that rock is?

How there is so much of it?

How there’s so much solidity to this?

How at least I am standing on this?

How we are standing on this?

How this is my baseline, my me
standing on this rock
looking at the sun
or rain
a center of sorts
wherever one takes one’s center
wherever one walks on the center
remembering the center
and knowing from there and anywhere
one can talk with God?

~ Lady

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