Early Bird, 8′ x 6″, 1993, Smith – foto Smith

I do the Jumble puzzle every day, the one where you unscramble four words for clues and try to decipher an offbeat cartoon to unscramble a final frequently punny answer . . . like you’d get the clue “Even though he didn’t have a brain, the scarecrow had …” with the final unscrambled answer being “A lot on his mind.

Below in reverse chronological order are my morning answers for July.

(There are 4 scrambled words Mon-Sat and 7 on Sunday).

Some great possible band names or poetry titles here folks, so help yourself.

Ironic sludge

Shiny bribe splint infant
Silky heavy siding fallen
Bossy cloth knight finite
Happen gender immune palace ironic sludge
Ethic style armory aviary
Event tenth eureka impale
Asked soupy floral bureau
Choke daisy sleepy father
Bunch carat loaded fairly
Grove enjoy living bummer
Grumpy sketch nibble fiasco purser violet
Craze fight uptown exotic
Yahoo arrow pulsar unseen
Gizmo tempo expand yonder
Unwed prowl agency fright
Quirk plume social worthy
Elder larva vacant whimsy
Tyrant auburn shrewd impede sewage oriole
About saute asthma clever
Lofty swung induce hyphen
Metal cloak advent billow
Scour hatch iodine scarce
Elope eject trauma engulf
Helix scout mighty azalea
Bitter ambush benign morale beside cobalt
Oddly fault invest island
Kiosk light upbeat entice
Crack kayak uproot useful
Spoil adult sprawl turnip
Alpha trunk person female
Axiom blurt feeble outlet

– Smith, 7.31.2013
(Jumble puzzle unscrambled words 7.30-7.1.2013)

Tomorrow I’m starting blogs on two twenty-year time boxes I received yesterday. A rich art dealer friend of mine (Art Feldman) who started to collect my Artcrimes and art in the early 1990s died a couple years ago and his kin gave two boxes of my stuff to SPACES gallery. SPACES is divesting much of their stored goodies and Chiplis delivered two cardboard boxes containing almost every one of my 21 issues of Artcrimes from 1986 – 2006, plus all my correspondence with Art including 50-some handmade mail art cards, a few pieces of my art, newspaper reviews of my career, and reams of poetry, including poems I’d lost since then. Wow, what a gift. Thank you Reality.

Thimplicity, 1994, 6″ x 4″, Smith – foto Smith

Tower of Babel, 1985, Smith, 9″ x 14″- foto Smith

Balance Charges, 1993, Smith, 7″ x 5″- foto Smith

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