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Daniel doc

Daniel Thompson marionette by Michael Bradley – fotosmith

Going out with a troupe today to film scenes for a Daniel Thompson documentary (1935-2004, Poet Laureate Cuyahoga County) built around a marionette of Daniel made by Michael Bradley, Jim Wolpaw directing. I and the others are props, extras, whatnot.

Michael commented on Facebook, “great…..looks like we have an undertaker joining us….and ventrwiloquist and his dummy…(not me)…bree…a flamboyant poet who lives down the street from barabara….my wife, my daughter…couple of camera guys….should be interesting…didn’t sleep a wink……i’ve been anticipating this weekend for so long it’s sort of a sensory overload….i’ll also have the daniel, lincoln and elvis marionettes….and they hate ventrwiloquists, so it could get ugly. oh, and the fucking cake.”

me: Well now. This is looking interesting. And if things go wrong, we can always count on the undertaker.

him: “exactly…it’s perfect….”

Daniel Thompson marionette by Michael Bradley – fotosmith

One Response to “Daniel doc”

  1. chris says:

    very cool… have a fun time.
    Wish I could participate but have other obligations. Will be interested in the final film.

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