Month: November 2013

  • Saint Petergate

    the red-nose thing dear Saint Petergate “Here’s your bill, sir” For what? “Services unrendered.” I didn’t order. “Pay anyway.” For? “Being. Nothingness.” Ah, of course, original sin. “Sign here.” Thought the crucifixtion took care of that. “Just the tax, Jack.” – Smith, 12.1.2013 dancing on the head of a pin – fotosmith

  • Out at the In-laws #5

    Lady’s 1st sweet potato pie Another odd Smith story, this one of uneaten Thanksgiving dinner and losing two pounds. This is a Frankenpome, partly poetry, part-time reportage — an awkward lumbering beast. It’s poem 61 in 61 days. Lady and I were part of the Crisis Chronicles Press poem-a-day-October project, and I found the process […]

  • Eve and Ever After

    Eve Eve and Ever After We must remember what we know walk what we remember Never knock the know recover under ember. It’s all quite interactive this cosmic game arcade They’re hiding all the answers in puzzle-shaped charade I’d love to let you listen but words no most of all In spite of what we’re […]


    Widgeons quack and squeak, / squawk, “You’re here, you’re here,” / “I love you, I love you”

  • Life 8

    pssst Life 8 You should beat meat, not eat meat, that’s my manifesto. Life’s a sticky wicket basket of fix it or let go, so flow, bro, take it slow. Do the do to be the be. Second chance advance new do due day dance, spent life going slow, time to take the chance – […]

  • 1%

    oldtime 1% Mayan urine fertilizes later ladders stretching long their loathsome letters claiming ancient altars lurid, lucid, luring scheme with skein of dream of dripping need, heedless how such flowing flux first formed magic pattern, this from that, these from those, supposing whim could bend that then to now, somehow, without the know which even […]

  • JOY

    “Are you here, / can you be here?”

  • In Line of Logic

    In Line of Logic Stopped sipping at the green of grass as summer slipped to fall and fell to winter. The burdened light is heavy with intent, its walking way a looking over shoulder. The past has neither hand nor hasp yet grasps in mired path, says “Told you”. – Smith, 11.26.2013 in situ primal […]

  • Dancing at the Edge of Dawn

    edge of dawn Dancing at the Edge of Dawn I wish I could take her fear away, yours too, yet I am a part, carried in the apple of the orchard naked and red and throbbing with juice, green leaves hiding nothing but worm, that harbinger of snake signifying thin liquid being and somethingness, licking […]

  • Leaser of the Lesser Light

    detail from Pockets, 1973 Leaser of the Lesser Light He didn’t feel adequate going from the warmth to cold, or winter to summer, TV his pathos, apathy, empty V, nor the way the traffic rules changed at will red to yellow to green to red as both exit entrance ramps opened closed willy nilly, the […]