5-fer +

good livelihood Lady

Once again, tomorrow’s poem today — you too can see the future.

5-fer +

Hearing her
whisking through doorways draped with plastic for heat
whack! whack! whack! disclosing
both speed and direction in direct quantum violation
I know she’s coming for me.

One more whack and “Hey honey,
I can get us in to Earth Fest for free
if we volunteer two hours.”

“Sure, go for it.”

She whacks out
as I sink back in hot horizontal liquid
my mind thumb up saying
yea, that’s an easy 2-fer, 3-fer, heck maybe a 5-fer plus
it keeps her happy and doctor says happy wife happy life,
we do good helping human animal planet,
find a few fair trade gifts,
get in free,
fresh foto feast,
harvest blog manna,
see fair from other side of table,
get this poem and new poem or two,
plus the no know unknowns and unknown knowns
and me getting to say ‘known noun own clown clone’
with a straight face safe
makes it a no-brainer no-painer 10 10-fer

(cept there’s always a pain or pay hidden somethere
cuz that’s the way and why of sumware).

– Smith, 4.1.2014

I do a lot of stuff with Lady I wouldn’t normally do anymore, or at all – political protests, socializing, eco-activism, farm petting zoos, viewing quilt competitions, county fairs, canning . . . I usually learn something and get some fotografs and text for the blog.

This morning we biked down to a traffic light so she could show stopped cars her hand drawn sign saying “Good Livelihoods and Clean Environment for Everyone! Worldwide” with its text and cheerful red and blue flowers, green dollar sign, and smiley yellow sun spread across a white cloud in a blue sky . . . a cheery protest sign so’s not to offend or upset. She’s like a gentle warrior, except she wouldn’t like the word war in warrior so she’s more a gentle peaceior.

good livelihood Lady & her sign

Road Rules

tomorrow never knows

Here’s tomorrow’s poem today.

There, I dood it, wrote and posted a poem a day every day six months straight.

Some good some bad some great some stink and since I’ve not gone back and looked I don’t know yet which are which.

Road Rules

If autumn ascending, watch for the fall.
If tall depending, look to the small.

If spring unsprung, speak to the snow.
If too young, wait for the grow.

If no truth eastbound, westbound I’ll go.
If ending unfound, outbound is slow.

When you wander don’t wait too long
for your offender to admit that they’re wrong.

Since outside is in and inside is out
just cuz they sin don’t mean you should shout.

Your life is yours, mine’s my own.
I ain’t sure but I think I’m the clown.

– Smith, 3.31.2014


Ice in Eden After

River Jordan running wide…

Ice in Eden After

The bees do be
the wet worms squirm
the jazz pizzazz
the birds baby birds
fields do flow in flowers fine
or will someday if snow declines
when cold and ice and sneeze and blow
reverse this curse and head for home
for rent is rent in staying warm
while rest is spent on keeping clone
whose loan of interest paid in tax
lacks specifics
won’t answer back
ain’t no joke
wooden nickle’s fine
it may all make sense
somewhere down the line.

– Smith, 3.30.2014

…take me to the other side

Li’l Red Ridin’hood

Li’l Red Ridin’hood

Hey li’l girl what you doin’ tonight
full moon’s up and the sun’s outa sight
fur’s poppin’ out all over my arms
wet tongue’s stretchin’ my wolfen charms
nose gettin’ longer, brow pushin’ out
your pheromones explodin’ my snout
inner hunger howlin’ at moon up sky
sniffin’ whiffen your hot honey pie
we’ll seek small game for midnight snack
then get right back to snack in crack
afterward we’ll stroll through the gloom
howl healthy high at the low moon
three full moonsful I’ll be this way
give us a chance for primitive play
before I revert back to my stick of man
having to weigh what it legally can
my werebrain’s smaller but it don’t care
cuz fun factor’s larger everywhere
so howl pretty baby give me a lick
let’s run through the wild lickety split
yesterday’s gone tomorrow ain’t here
forget the guilt of your Freudian fear
let’s jam the thicket and jelly the lane
cuz for three nights there’s no sin no blame
let’s run and fall and feel and sprawl
flow with the wild in gutteral call
we ain’t gotta live the life of the tame
don’t have to leave the same as we came
we got the goods the moves and the will
let’s play away society’s ills

– Smith, 3.29.2014

Smith & Lady, Book 2

“Smith & Lady, Book 2″ by Smith, 2014, 11″ x 14”

Smith & Lady, Book 2

Three hearts have I
for she and me and we,
heart circling sky, why, skein,
skin without within,
and our cat down the lane.

Book 1 me Idaho
Washington California Tennessee
Maryland Michigan Arizona Ohio
she Ohio.

Book 2 we Ohio
England Netherlands England
Poland England Croatia Italy France
Spain Morocco England France Spain
Ohio Mexico Ohio
more to be.

Remains to oui about Book 3
but it will be she me we.

– Smith, 3.28.2014

“Smith & Lady, Book 2 by Smith, 2014, 11″ x 14”

Life Lump Learn

one lump . . .?

Life Lump Learn

I’m heading for the real grande
gonna cross to the other side
over here’s too tight and antsy
many hamsters wheeling rides
but I’ve no eye coins for my ante
no smooth tongue to loose abide

Need to map to get reel rolling
chance perhaps to upword use
or herd hard to place of couth
repair tin heart with humane oiling
aim for good and keep bad roiling
stumble through my truth of youth
make em laugh, avoid misuse

We’re all crazy less or more
drowned in data dumps
need to see true to core ore
help to take life’s lumps

– Smith, 3.27.2014

. . . or two?



If I step out of the dusk of a dream
does that mean that I’m a dream-like character
and that I infuse the quality of dream into this Ness?

If I step out of a dream
is it like opening a curtain or window
some kind of portal from thick into thin,
making thin thick?

Or if I step out of a dream
does it mean I move my limbs
languidly as though air water, like
a dedicated swimmer toweling off in the
moment and that my eyelids were gentle,
soft and slow, partners of something observed?

Could I understand myself–me being the spectator
of raw parts of my inner life–as the docile whole object
you see with behaviors characteristic of whatever
you say I am?

~ Lady

Captain Quark

Thought I’d soften my external image a bit to lure our reluctant spring forth more quickly, so bought four used t-shirts at the thrift shop for $1 each.

The first three definitely fit the agenda – colorful, gentle, positive . . . the 4th took another tack.

Here’s a little something from the quantum menu.

Captain Quark

Quarks come in six types, or flavors:
top, bottom, up, down, charm and strange.

Protons are made of two up quarks
and one down quark.

Neutrons are composed of
two down quarks and one up quark.

I myself am comprised mainly of strange quarks,
leaving me somewhat quirky.

– Smith, 3.26.2014

And lastly, recorded a new song yesterday – Peter Ball’s music, mix and recording, my lyrics and vocals. An odd, off number vocally and lyrically, but interesting musically. Going to have to fire the vocalist, maybe have a talk with the lyricist. Click here to hear Ablution’s Way

Ablution’s Way

As I rise in morning wake
if Allah wills a toke I’ll take
morning buzz because I can
in my daily measure of man
as I sit and seek which street to sweep
for my soul’s clean to keep
all to rise above small stuff
for sometimes kind is just enough

Cuz where you go is up to you
go due your done and fun your do
go do your do and fun your fun
then do the new dance day of sun

Hello day let’s walk this way:
compassion, listen, patience, play
and if grass goes and I can’t toke
at least then I’ll be in on the joke
so buzz buzz be and coffee be
bringeth forth my morning bee
I’ll buzz here and write words there
and take fotos of everywhere

Cuz where you glow is up to you
go due your done and fun your do
go do your do and fun your fun
then do the new day dance of sun

I’ll scout about and sniff and wheeze
and report back if you please
just so you know there’s some odd
hole down the road to soothe your whole
cuz where you glow is up to you
go due your done and fun your do
go do your do and fun your fun
in this new day dance of sun

– Smith, 3.25.2014

Poem Generator


Poem Generator

Fill bathtub to top with hot.
Get in.
Lie back.
Snatch poem from
wet air,
moist mind,
sleep lair.

– Smith, 3.25.2014




I’m gonna drum it up and hum it up and
strum it up…

I’m gonna shape the shapes,
the ones I’d like to walk through
cool back o’ cat, tail swaying way
walking answer through the doorway
of a question

I’m gonna be it
and believe it
both before
and when
I see it

I’ll pray on my knees
or meow like the wind
calls the absolute

I’ll yoke on
the cat’s cradle steering wheel
hands that cycle seasons,
the commitments

And kindle good energy
through my chakras,
loose spine tinkle
my steering wheels

And when I need it
the self-reliant conjuring bulk
of my generative purr

I’m going to open my spread,
cat stretching back scratching carpet
salting all from the axis
of the midnight sun
to the lap
of Capricorn

Fertility of diversity
from obtuse to acute

Avenues, lines, cradle,
so many pickup sticks,
longitudes and latitudes


Kat scratched spectrums of
meditative reflections

~ Lady Purr