Month: March 2014

  • 5-fer +

    good livelihood Lady Once again, tomorrow’s poem today — you too can see the future. 5-fer + Hearing her whisking through doorways draped with plastic for heat whack! whack! whack! disclosing both speed and direction in direct quantum violation I know she’s coming for me. One more whack and “Hey honey, I can get us […]

  • Road Rules

    tomorrow never knows Here’s tomorrow’s poem today. There, I dood it, wrote and posted a poem a day every day six months straight. Some good some bad some great some stink and since I’ve not gone back and looked I don’t know yet which are which. Road Rules If autumn ascending, watch for the fall. […]

  • Ice in Eden After

    River Jordan running wide… Ice in Eden After The bees do be the wet worms squirm the jazz pizzazz the birds baby birds fields do flow in flowers fine or will someday if snow declines when cold and ice and sneeze and blow reverse this curse and head for home for rent is rent in […]

  • Li’l Red Ridin’hood

    Li’l Red Ridin’hood Hey li’l girl what you doin’ tonight full moon’s up and the sun’s outa sight fur’s poppin’ out all over my arms wet tongue’s stretchin’ my wolfen charms nose gettin’ longer, brow pushin’ out your pheromones explodin’ my snout inner hunger howlin’ at moon up sky sniffin’ whiffen your hot honey pie […]

  • Smith & Lady, Book 2

    “Smith & Lady, Book 2″ by Smith, 2014, 11″ x 14” Smith & Lady, Book 2 Three hearts have I for she and me and we, heart circling sky, why, skein, skin without within, and our cat down the lane. Book 1 me Idaho Washington California Tennessee Maryland Michigan Arizona Ohio she Ohio. Book 2 […]

  • Life Lump Learn

    one lump . . .? Life Lump Learn I’m heading for the real grande gonna cross to the other side over here’s too tight and antsy many hamsters wheeling rides but I’ve no eye coins for my ante no smooth tongue to loose abide Need to map to get reel rolling chance perhaps to upword […]


    If I step out of the dusk of a dream / does that mean that I’m a dream-like character / and that I infuse the quality of dream into this Ness?

  • Captain Quark

    Thought I’d soften my external image a bit to lure our reluctant spring forth more quickly, so bought four used t-shirts at the thrift shop for $1 each. The first three definitely fit the agenda – colorful, gentle, positive . . . the 4th took another tack. Here’s a little something from the quantum menu. […]

  • Poem Generator

    fishdream Poem Generator Fill bathtub to top with hot. Get in. Lie back. Sweat. Drift. Snatch poem from wet air, moist mind, sleep lair. – Smith, 3.25.2014 moistmind


    I’m gonna shape the shapes, / the ones I’d like to walk through / cool back o’ cat, tail swaying way / walking answer through the doorway / of a question