Month: November 2015

  • between sleep and dawn

    Status Report 130 Between sleep and dawn water not yet boiling surface reflecting stove light above silhouetting a dozen dead insects lining translucent cover their shadowed shapes dancing on heat quickened surface before disappearing in boiling bubble and dark bloom of caffeine. I tell Lady who says “Ahhhhhh, protein.” – Smith. 11.29.2015

  • many moon

    Status Report 129 I take in the mourning moon the fog moon the snow moon the beaver moon after the blood moon after the blue moon supermoon fool moon prepping brain for winter purging body for soul service for the solstice sacred for the sign of shedding wayward potions and the unkind mind – Smith, […]

  • they sat me at the children’s table for Thanksgiving

    Lady’s Thanksgiving apple pie I sat at the children’s table yesterday for Thanksgiving dinner with a 4 yr old and a 6 yr old. Out at the In-laws 18 “Who do you want to sit by you?” she asks my newly adopted nephew at the Thanksgiving table. “That boy,” he points at me. I look […]

  • frankenSteinway piano

    Status Report 128 Frankenfish big as tumor twist in flesh and form Flowers growing to reach sky picked by people Life, luck, now, not, tune on frankenSteinway piano Flying fish leap from water to live get eaten by sky – Smith. 11.26.2015

  • 1st light

    detail First Light, 12″ x 10″, Smith, 11.2015 New piece yestercday, First Light, 12″ x 10″, Smith. So Sow reap rip sew sow reap rip sew sow reap rip sew sow reap rip sew sow reap rip sew – Smith. 11.25.2015 First Light, 12″ x 10″, Smith, 11.2015

  • Up and atom, Adam

    Status Report 127 Piling high the sticks and stones mixing muck, dirt, and earth She-God cries “Up and atom, Adam,” then nudging his ribs steals his bone adds mirth and laughing up Her sleeve creates Eve for better and worse – Smith, 11.23.2015

  • human do what human do

    Status Report 126 Human do what human do sometimes due sometimes doo doo – Smith, 11.22.2015

  • every same has other side

    More “creature” voice urban blues (according to Lady K.) . . . “Time Is Not,” the 2nd song recorded yesterday. I like both of them a lot. Billy Clarksville does music, mix, recording, with me on words and voice – Time Is Not Time is not the major plot for rot and roll to save […]

  • the gamble of the agile

    Recorded two new songs today with Billy Clarksville, and both turned out fine, each one take, and I did close enough to what I’d hoped . . . talking blues using what Lady K. calls my creature voice. Here’s the first one, Move Over, music/mix/recording by Billy Clarksville, words & voice are mine — Move […]

  • foot by foot in front of one to fill the sell of sale

    Status Report 125 Beat the sun up out of bed climb the gravity well foot by foot in front of one to fill the sell of sale Part Sisyphus part Tantalus most rat wheel roll of race in house of lie untried by true like time untied to space Faith and fact divorce from act […]