Month: March 2016

  • give us this daze

    Sisyphus Smith Give Us This Daze Sisyphus sez sipping coffee waiting for sun before his morning mountain run “You have to love the rock you have to want the hill pain is all you got that and strength of will welcome to the ritual of redux redo until rock and hill and roll are one […]

  • a poem a piece for Poetry month

    ghostbear Lady and I each will have one poem appear on the Cuyahoga County Library’s online celebration of National Poetry Month along with 28 other poets, many of them friends. . . you can sign-up for daily notice of each poet here – The 30 poets with date of poem appearance are Maggie Anderson 4.8, Phil […]

  • whichever way I amble next

    Status Report 197 Waiting in the reading room reading of the wait that looms in weight of wait white as bone existing in the fading zone more me’s than I can hold in one so into fiction fill the rest to test with friction in the fray whichever way I amble next – Smith, 3.29.2016

  • map of man?

    did Issa say birth, bullshit, death map of man? – Smith, 3.28.2016

  • eggsellent Easter color combo, mismatched message

    Medusa’s Kitchen features 9 of my poems, 7 fotos and 2 songs in my monthly visit at Glad to be part of their group. Lady & I caught the Unitarian sunrise Easter service at Lakeview Cemetery this morning. Sunrise Service Worship death rerisen blood dried by time and design Dew on grass low morning light […]

  • policy Polonius

    Policy Polonius Roundy round round roundy round round cover again the same old ground Keep yr nose clean wash yr own mind stay in line and don’t be wrong kind Grindy grind grind groundy ground ground this working wheel will wear you down Rub a dub scrub wash and wax hacks cover yr ass and […]

  • The first sip of hot black savior coffee

    art work-in-progress by Lady K Status Report 196 The first sip of hot black savior coffee unsweetened in dark before dawn slides from lip down throat to blood to brain to mind to move me to the coming day’s old sorrows, borrowed rituals, its forever fog of the familiar masked handcuffs of the gone wading […]

  • oh turd of time

    nightwatch Status Report 195 Spring soon mushrooms croon old song’s new tune. Irritate oyster, get pearl. Stress coal, get diamond. Live long, learn. I I am yet long for I, oh turd of time. – Smith, 3.22.2016 oldtime

  • first flesh, then machine

    Spent a couple hours in two waiting rooms today reading a 1958 paperback of An Introduction to Haiku: An Anthology of Poems and Poets from Basho to Shiki by Harold Gould Henderson. Excellent read. Had a cat scan this morning followed by two hours waiting for our car’s wheel bearings to be replaced. These aren’t haiku, […]

  • Lady Poem – March 19, 2016

    Gramma was so big then her being old and me being new