Month: August 2016

  • whether report

    Whether Report A slice of new moon slivers sky with sly Cheshire Cat smile Old orb but a piece of the pie heralding new dawn’s new why The winds blow cold to hot slide from high to low Around we go and go again grounded by gravity and sin We reach for the stars while […]

  • both sides know

  • Sky Cog

    total sale Sky Cog O Great Cog release me from this wheel I’m but broken bit neither tooth nor flair save me from this pace before I wreck the place for I am wrench in works will impede the flow jam the am scram Your precious plan You should offer me some slack put me […]

  • home’s grown alone

    I’m fortunate once again to be serving up the fare at Medusa’s online Kitchen . . . 9 fotos, 9 poems, 1 song. This is my 9th monthly appearance, and I greatly appreciate the gig and editor/publisher Kathy Kieth’s generosity. Reboot This dark before dawn gentles with promise of new light and yesterday’s wrong […]

  • Lady Poem 8-25-2016

    Player piano presses type in prayer to platen thinks about the future and its audience now, a lonely chandelier Friends in balconies – elsewhere Theater curtain whooshes open to acts and splashes closed to plaudits

  • bothers grim

    Bothers Grim (a fairy tale for adults) Sneeze and blow bleed and bow keep on the go pay rent somehow tighten your belt loose your ethics gotta stay svelte and avoid car mechanics run the rat trap keep moving the wheel the top’s where it’s at the hurt of the deal stab folk in back […]

  • Spock would not approve

    not this way Capitalism Fuck the many for the good of the few – Smith, 8.24.2016 no way

  • to relieve, one must 1st leave

    blowing smoke Minimal List To relieve, one must first leave I started out as a prophet but turned into a loss We know never enough till too far gone It’s Taser Nation over all with liberty and justice revocable Sentient meat meeting scent of rent In movies there’s always a full moon, instant parking, and […]

  • eating dirt while dreaming sky

    Status Report 233 The lotus flower blooms unblemished from muck of mud and dirt I was born drenched in filth rich in original sin My petals wilt from want of sun as I watch enpowered orb Seems I’m more like maybe moon stark in cold and dim I wanted so to grow to star bright […]

  • Lady K foto collages of me as Gandhi, Nixon, etc

    foto collages by Lady K with me as Gandhi, Duchamp, Brahma. Nixon, Jesus, Waylon Jennings