Month: November 2016

  • philosophy 117-121

    spring will come again 10,000 used books must go by December 31 2016 $3 hardbacks $2 large paperbacks $1 small paperbacks (sets and a few scarce items more) Open Wednesday through Saturday 11am-3pm through the end of December 2016. 2716 West 14th St, Cleveland, OH (Tremont) in the basement of the 148 yr-old Zion Church […]

  • more fee will if you please

    This is my 12th month featuring in Medusa’s Kitchen… 9 poems, 9 fotos, 1 song. As usual, editor/publisher Kathy Kieth’s layout is superb. I’m grateful for her generosity. Now to continue month by month into the unforeseeable future. ~ Philosophy 113 Free will ain’t free more fee will if you please when you don’t […]

  • philosophies – 4 for the price of none

    Philosophy 109 It ain’t what it iz or iz what it ain’t just iz what it iz – Smith, 11.24.2016 Philosophy 110 Anger as seasoning is okay but for main course it’s poison – Smith, 11.24.2016 Philosophy 111 Arranged relationships prudent marriages sacred lies We go from room to room testing the precepts touching the […]

  • light… dark… light… dark…

    Philosophy 108 I follow the streetlights into the night light… dark… light… dark… like my life – Smith, 11.22.2016

  • mind spark rise over run

    mindspark Philosophy 107 I wash dirty dishes dirty dishes grow again do soiled laundry yet soiled clothes reappear Go to sleep and wake then sleep again again to wake eat, and hunger grows empty poop, and poop renews stumble road fumbling load looking for the answers see faster slower prancers hacking Mobius track no answer […]

  • knowing no answer

    Philosophy 106 Went looking for answers but no answers came till knowing no answer was name of the game – Smith, 11.18.2016

  • dark, dawn, yesterday, tomorrow

    Philosophy 105 Dark before day eased by the sun Dark after dawn lasts all day long We spin away yesterday turn to tomorrow – Smith, 11.17.2016

  • 1 me, 5 Bukowski

    Philosophy 104 There’s God or there’s not God There’s good and bad but it usually doesn’t know We exist and have free will or are programmed in pre-premise It comes down to this and all its pretty promise – Smith, 11.16.2016 I’m a solid 70, yet still don’t have much in common with this poem […]

  • scritch scritch scritch

    Status Report 246 Scrub tub fill with water too hot for skin ease in lean back to pain pleasure of wet heat engulfing body roomful of steam muffling sound reality in-bound when scritch scritch scritch in litter box four feet away sneaks into mind followed by foul stench of cat’s upset stomach defecation filling room […]

  • Donald Trump, Cancer-in-Chief

    Donald Trump – Cancer-in-Chief Hail to the Heil Wow!!! we elected as President of the U. S. A. an accused child rapist a man who mocks the handicapped a man who denies what he was filmed saying an admitted sexual predator a multiple bankrupter a follower of fascists a bad businessman a known con man […]