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Archive for November, 2016

philosophy 117-121

Sunday, November 27th, 2016

spring will come again

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Saturday December 17 at noon, Lady K (aka Kathy Smith) will be hosting her annual Winter Solstice Poetry Reading and Potluck there as well. Everyone welcome, open mic, no sign-up, no featured readers, just read if and when you feel.

Michael O’Brien’s Scriptoria Books has until the end of the year to sell his amazing inventory of used books because they’re turning the fine old-world stone church into apartments and condos for the well to do.

Fantastic books, incredibly inexpensive – the perfect Christmas gift.

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Philosophy 117

Life’s a beach
and then you dive


Philosophy 118

Gotta re-leave myself
too much money bizness


Philosophy 119

Flesh is such sorrow
from worm would to mold


Philosophy 120

Six layers in search of a surface
lost & profound

Spirit up, bone down
the dance since chance began

Soul high, flesh low
all run by remote control

We start inside
don’t end outside


Philosophy 121

Just like Sisyphus
it’s endless

– Smith 11.27.2016

spring from winter


more fee will if you please

Saturday, November 26th, 2016


This is my 12th month featuring in Medusa’s Kitchen… 9 poems, 9 fotos, 1 song.

As usual, editor/publisher Kathy Kieth’s layout is superb. I’m grateful for her generosity.

Now to continue month by month into the unforeseeable future.


Philosophy 113

Free will ain’t free
more fee will if you please
when you don’t bow down on knees


Philosophy 114

Philosophy is song sung of soul and self
to restock the shelf

A few hints to focus flow
help shoulder the burden of go

Every moment has 360 degrees of exit
but when is best to flex it?

Can’t stay past, future ain’t here
then don’t last, when not near

Don’t run the wheel
repeal the deal

Past talk shapes tomorrow’s lips


Philosophy 115

As the child is father to the man
we are mother to our darkness
give birth to our own sin


Philosophy 116

Gettin’ weary but ain’t givin’ up
this burden on back busting my nut
keep sloggin’ thru muck
hopin’ for luck
but fuck
can’t quit cuz no consolation prize
unless reward is giving up lies
otherwise work till you die
in this worship of why

– Smith, 11.26.2016



philosophies – 4 for the price of none

Thursday, November 24th, 2016


Philosophy 109

It ain’t what it iz
or iz what it ain’t
just iz what it iz

– Smith, 11.24.2016


Philosophy 110

Anger as seasoning is okay
but for main course it’s poison

– Smith, 11.24.2016


Philosophy 111

Arranged relationships
prudent marriages
sacred lies

We go from room to room
testing the precepts
touching the tiles

– Smith, 11.24.2016


Philosophy 112

Seeking new path chanting old chant
working the koans for better chance

Wake up ten, wear down to one
go back to bed, recycle again

Flow from dream to fog of wake
mind schemes, body aches

Been here before, be here again
won’t know the score until it all ends

– Smith, 11.24.2016



light… dark… light… dark…

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016


Philosophy 108

I follow the streetlights into the night
light… dark… light… dark…
like my life

– Smith, 11.22.2016



mind spark rise over run

Saturday, November 19th, 2016


Philosophy 107

I wash dirty dishes
dirty dishes grow again

do soiled laundry
yet soiled clothes reappear

Go to sleep and wake
then sleep again again to wake

eat, and hunger grows
empty poop, and poop renews

stumble road fumbling load
looking for the answers

see faster slower prancers
hacking Mobius track

no answer sheets needs meet
this Sisyphus repeat

– Smith, 11.19.2016

rise over run


knowing no answer

Friday, November 18th, 2016


Philosophy 106

Went looking for answers
but no answers came
till knowing no answer
was name of the game

– Smith, 11.18.2016



dark, dawn, yesterday, tomorrow

Thursday, November 17th, 2016


Philosophy 105

Dark before day
eased by the sun

Dark after dawn
lasts all day long

We spin away yesterday
turn to tomorrow

– Smith, 11.17.2016



1 me, 5 Bukowski

Wednesday, November 16th, 2016


Philosophy 104

There’s God
or there’s not God

There’s good and bad
but it usually doesn’t know

We exist and have free will
or are programmed in pre-premise

It comes down to this
and all its pretty promise

– Smith, 11.16.2016

I’m a solid 70, yet still don’t have much in common with this poem of Charles Bukowski’s about being 70 which I published 25 years ago in Artcriimes #11.

somebody else

a hangover at 70
seems somewhat worse,
of course,
than one at
but considering
most other things
I feel about the
my strengths, my
ideals, my

it is only when
I am walking
and I see my
in a
plate glass
that I wonder,
who is

that thing

that old fart.


– Charles Bukowski, 1991, from ArtCrimes #11: Eat at Eternity’s

For 4 more 1991 Bukowski poems, check out this blog from from 2009 –

5 bukowski

… I’ve googled the poems and can’t find them anywhere else, so I may have a publishing exclusive.



scritch scritch scritch

Saturday, November 12th, 2016


Status Report 246

Scrub tub
fill with water too hot for skin
ease in
lean back to pain pleasure
of wet heat engulfing body
roomful of steam muffling sound
reality in-bound
when scritch scritch scritch
in litter box
four feet away
sneaks into mind
followed by foul stench
of cat’s upset stomach defecation
filling room
ending perfect pleasure
and the medit of my ation
as I rise
to deal with fresh shit
flashing on the dump Trump
done on our Presidential election

– Smith, 11.12.2016



Donald Trump, Cancer-in-Chief

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Donald Trump – Cancer-in-Chief

Hail to the Heil

we elected
as President
of the U. S. A.
an accused child rapist
a man who mocks the handicapped
a man who denies what he was filmed saying
an admitted sexual predator
a multiple bankrupter
a follower of fascists
a bad businessman
a known con man
a serial adulterer
a denier of debt
a tax cheater
a xenophobe
a braggart
a racist
a bully
a liar
a loser we lose with
and fool tool of Satan

Need to go out and find me some heroin
so I can turn my life off while he’s on
wonder what four years worth costs?

Hail to the Sexual Predator-in-Chief
Hail to the Child Rapist-in-Chief
Hail to the Tax Cheater-in-Chief
Hail to the Racist-in-Chief
Hail to the Hater-in-Chief
Hail to the Liar-in-Chief
Heil President Trump
hell Chump-in-Chief

– Smith, 11.9.2016



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