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  • Tsi-s-de-tsi, the 4-foot mouse Captain

    her third try at drawing Tsi-s-de-tsi her first two attempts Lady’s been writing an alternate Earth novel where a 4-foot female Cherokee mouse named Tsi-s-de-tsi is Captain of a large ocean sailing ship with a crew of 6-foot rats who have rescued a young human girl named Beatrice and an even younger human boy named […]

  • Lady’s beginning creation mist

    Lady K’s writing a creation story, inspired by her brother/sisterlaw’s impending double adoption of a 4 yr boy 6 yr girl . . . Story continues… A long time ago or now in some way there was a bigness in the itness, a colorful bigness tight against itself. Sometimes colorful, and sometimes bereft of color. […]

  • Smith & Lady Poems March 2015 – Lady’s #12

    Where did we come from? The taste for an / aesthetic, the faille of complimentary patterns,


    I ease myself into a clearness, / a cradle I’ve built for myself

  • what would Jack do?

    detail Smith sculpture – foto Smith What would Jack do? Reading Jack Keroauc’s truth-disguised-as-fiction “Tristessa” (1960) which I hadn’t known about until I bought it used from Guide to Kulchur for $5. Kerouac was my main driver of yearning for adventure and travel ever since my 17 yr-old self read “On the Road” in 1963 […]

  • 38 yr-old 45rpm < notes > 18 yr-old t-shirt

    t-shirt back – foto Smith A few years ago Peter Ball (the music half of Ball & Smith) gave me a 1995 Pere Ubu t-shirt with the cover art from their 1975 single “30 Seconds Over Tokyo” on the front and Peter Laughner’s inner sleeve notes on the back. Here’s the short story on the […]

  • Appalachian Mr. Haney vs Hollywood Mr. Haney

    Mr. Haney the bluegrass group (the 4th of 4 pieces written for 3rd Annual Blue Sky Festival for possible press — they’re appearing today 2:30-3:30pm) Mr. Haney Mr. Haney, a northeastern Ohio traditional bluegrass band featuring Jim Eisenberg (claw hammer banjo, vocal, hambone), Laura Lewis Kovac (fiddle, feet), Ken Roby (fiddle, mandolin, banjo), Jim Richards […]

  • Rachel Brown & The Beatnik Playboys, Blue Sky 5.4.2013

    Rachel Brown (the 3rd of 4 pieces I wrote for the 3rd Annual Blue Sky Festival for possible press — they’re appearing today at 4pm) Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys Retro honky-tonkers Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys will be the local headliner at the 3rd Annual Blue Sky Folk Festival May 4, 2013 in Kirtland, […]

  • spoon a little spoon with me

    learn how to spoon with Spoon Too Soon Here’s the second of four short pieces I wrote for the Blue Sky Folk Festival on this Saturday’s performers. We’ll be getting there at 11:30 to attend Spoon Too Soon’s spooning workshop so we too can entertain with kitchen implements. Spoon Too Soon The upbeat off-beat Northeastern […]

  • Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line at Blue Sky 5.4.2013

    Nora Jane Struthers & The Party Line I used to write music reviews for a weekly Baltimore newspaper in the early 1970s (Performance was its name). Only got $5 an article, but I received free records, free concerts, got to sit in an empty movie theater and watch a film before it opened, and sat […]