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Wednesday, July 11th, 2012


These will be healing, and fun. We’ll be zipping around, yet plodding or stationary as required. Reduced hardship, the promise of civilization, the idea implicit. That which we read about through columns and our colored plates.

Let me tell you more about 21st Century energy jobs. It’s a real deal, the whole package, based on new green energy. This new green energy means people have to work less unless they want to work more. This new green energy provides jobs and leisure, distributed to everyone, fabric from the thread. Cultivated.

It helps animals roll, too, such that they follow the opening of the widened corridors left to let. Sprouting nature through variegated patter, breath showing tapestry, jaw interlocking into flank when that fits the weft, or feathered heads rubbing loving, woof. Et cetera.

Our new green energy intimates, “Everyone is to have at least three months of rest and vacation every rotation around the sun.”

This new green energy says, “Thou shalt be paid for poetry.”

This new green energy says, “Thou shalt be paid for oration.”

This new green energy says, “Thou shalt be paid for riding your bike to get organic fruits and vegetables.”

This new green energy says, “Thou shalt be paid for taking walks in woods.”

This new green energy says, “Thou shalt be paid for raising your family.”

This new green energy says, “Thou shalt be paid in every way we can pay you.”

Twenty-twentying before twenty-twenty, people, animals, dream.

We had our oil lamp dreams. Yellow like yellow sun. The oil light flickers, the coal light flickers, the gas light flickers, but sun doesn’t flicker, it licks.

The old sad viscous liquid energy underground.

It created a lot of containers and forms. Forms from itself. Forms that we could eat and drink from. It was everywhere. It created joy from time to time. It burgeoned us. It increased crop yields. The old energy didn’t realize it would explode us.

Sad, that old viscous energy of the large monoculture crop harvesting machines.

That old fossil energy we loved, we are to use less and less of. Old fossil energy, please do not turn fertilizers that burden, pesticides not needed.

Sad, that old fossil energy diffracted into 300 plastic chemicals in a newborn baby’s body.

Old coal, be done unspent. Let mountain remain mountain. We need not misuse. We can hurdle over unbroke remnant grace. Old fossil energy, may we use you less and less. Please remain dormant, let yourself rest. Sequester yourself from temptation. Gone wrong, it was, wad it up.

Winner took all took too much, old energy. Winner took all saw you diffracted into air that it didn’t bother to filter. We are shining a light into this, we are finding pollutants we’ll no longer hide behind the treeline, tipped past the vertex around the corners, bubbling behind the bends. We are to clean up what we’ve messed.

Winner took all lost itself, old energy. Winner took all could not find itself. Winner took all was a lonely place to be. Winner took all can not flicker into islands, gates and guards. Winner took all can not sequester into self imposed prisons through which air would flower into sicknesses of sheltered existences.

Winner took all can not hide behind gates–the gates are sirens. The gates are guarded by alarms that ring. Winner took all, please give yourself up. We know you are giving yourself up, winner took all. Buffet, Soros, Gates… Buffet and Soros and Gates are giving themselves up. Good for them that got and saw that they’d got too much. Good for them who got hot dog god to do good.

We, the human animals, are to follow the whirl of the grain of the promise that this Ness dreams for us.

The whirl that whisks us away from nightmares, past temptation.

The whirl that creates round tables, the whirl that creates constitutions.

The whirl that creates the Lower Middle Class Ethic, not as an ethic of the oppressed but an ethic of the blessed.

Let’s all have that ethic. Let’s let loose the stuff, let us employ in productive technologies that appreciate, repair, iterate over and sift. Clean, think, do. Make amends. Blend. Work wonders.

Earth is not a car with a depreciating blue book value. Earth is a space ship. Earth is a space ship and we have what we need to fly around the sun and the sun has what it needs to fly around its rotation, too. The solar system is a spaceship. We are being rescued. We are rescuing ourselves.

~ Lady


Letter to President Obama – Thanks for certain initiatives and suggestions for the Peace Economy

Monday, December 12th, 2011

Dear President Obama,

This morning it occurs to me to give thanks to you for doing some things that I think are helpful.

I am encouraged by your vision for a fairer America where everyone has a great shot at success. Mostly likely the CFPB can help this to an extent. Am glad for the thought of simplifying credit card agreements.

Thank you for thinking about job creation, too, and working towards this. I have signed multiple petitions to ask people who are elected to help with this as well.

And thank you for the work on helping ensure that all who want to vote, can, and we certainly are encouraging more people to vote.

I wish for you to consider job creation in terms of sustainability and peacefulness as well. Can we withdraw all troops and military contractors and put these people to work rebuilding a sustainable high speed rail system in the United States? And possibly in helping reformat the large monoculture crop areas so that we move to a more friendly, sustainable system of growing food in which more people can be employed at great living wages?

Last, can we think about perhaps a more mixed economy with people being paid a lot more, but working less and participating in direct needs so that we can realize the promise of progress and civilization?



. . .

Contact information for President Obama can be found here in the case that you feel you have suggestions for him as well.


Hope Report – 9/17/2010

Friday, September 17th, 2010


Info on green jobs–I believe green jobs are ultimately a huge opportunity for business to make lots & lots of money, to produce lots & lots of employment, and will help heal the planet as well.

Australian Aborigines “world’s first astronomers.” An Australian study has uncovered signs that the country’s ancient Aborigines may have been the world’s first stargazers, pre-dating Stonehenge and Egypt’s pyramids by thousands of years.

The News

More positive developments for Korea. I hope the recent rice helped: “2 Koreas discuss reuniting families divided by war.”

Good news on the Gulf oil well–“Gulf oil well on verge of being plugged for good.”

“Census: 1 in 7 Americans lives in poverty”
The above is a challenging article to me. I believe that ultimately for the good of our psychology and for the good of the planet, it is better to move to a communal living situation and/or extended family living situation. The nuclear family model is actually highly unusual, and is indicative of the breakdown of family support. It also consumes a lot of resources.

I also feel that the government needs to start creating good jobs for people on unemployment, ones that help rebuild the infrastructure in a green way. I would like for unemployment benefits to be extended forever.

In a civilized society, we will not have to race and compete so hard with each other. In a civilized society, we will work less, and enjoy life more. In a civilized society, many more people will become paid artisans and entertainers, and they will enjoy their work.

In a civilized society, everyone will have good, basic, inexpensive health care. What is happening right now in the US is atypical of what is going on in the world. We paid only $30 for an emergency room visit, ekg and consultation with doctors in Croatia. We paid $1800 for a hernia surgery in Mexico. The US is ripping people off, people. They wanted to charge us $600 for some cotton stuffed up Smith’s nose. This is criminal, not sustainable, and must change. I RESPECTFULLY COMMAND IT SO.


I hope people stop feeling that they need to kill animals in order to feel powerful:

3 teens suspended after allegedly killing kangaroo

The Weather

Looks like Karl has moved off the coast of Mexico, but it has developed into a hurricane. I hope it will go away. I’ve been watching Julia and Igor for five days. I hope they will go away. Fanapi hasn’t progressed toward land; that’s good. I RESPECTFULLY COMMAND THE HURRICANES TO GO AWAY.

Severe rains in Slovenia. I hope it’s OK.

I’m hoping the extreme drought in Louisiana & W. Virginia goes away.



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