Dear President Obama,

This morning it occurs to me to give thanks to you for doing some things that I think are helpful.

I am encouraged by your vision for a fairer America where everyone has a great shot at success. Mostly likely the CFPB can help this to an extent. Am glad for the thought of simplifying credit card agreements.

Thank you for thinking about job creation, too, and working towards this. I have signed multiple petitions to ask people who are elected to help with this as well.

And thank you for the work on helping ensure that all who want to vote, can, and we certainly are encouraging more people to vote.

I wish for you to consider job creation in terms of sustainability and peacefulness as well. Can we withdraw all troops and military contractors and put these people to work rebuilding a sustainable high speed rail system in the United States? And possibly in helping reformat the large monoculture crop areas so that we move to a more friendly, sustainable system of growing food in which more people can be employed at great living wages?

Last, can we think about perhaps a more mixed economy with people being paid a lot more, but working less and participating in direct needs so that we can realize the promise of progress and civilization?



. . .

Contact information for President Obama can be found here in the case that you feel you have suggestions for him as well.

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