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    When we worry, we’re trying to grab onto the theoretical sinking anchors of the future, and we’re trying to pinpoint everything, match the wheel of our mind against the wheel of the universe. But actually, we are *not* matching the wheel of the universe if we’re not living in the now.

  • mainline from the grapevine of the uni-verse

    We actually create our universe within possibility boundaries.

  • Zephyr Wiseacre

    Material–it’s not material–but if material is a holographic projection onto a 3D record player–onto a 3D record player–then what are we but little bits on the record? Goodness is not a centrifuge. Everything is everywhere.

  • No Loitering

    Puppet thinks arrows are more meta than door hinges.

  • The Universe

    Puppet muses over fairness of universe, omens, portents, food, worry, decisions, aliens.

  • The Bubble

    Puppet thinks about Palestinians, demonstrates the literalist interpretation of signs, philosophizes, etc. “The philosophy of nonviolence has been keeping our amoebas down.”

  • Take Me Away

    Puppet considers marginal accounts and entreats aliens to take it away.