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The Universe

Puppet muses over fairness of universe, omens, portents, food, worry, decisions, aliens.

Some of my alien friends:

Captain Zirkon of the Royal Fartship Blapula

Turdmer the Great





Zrrkm (Zrrkm II, not to be confused with Zrrkm Il)


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3 Responses to “The Universe”

  1. KE says:

    any one of these photos would make a great art piece. good eye!

  2. Jack McGuane says:

    I like Meep the best. He’s got the cracks in all the best places. Put an orange barrel next to him and keep his cracks forever.

  3. lady says:

    Thanks! Ee-ow-wah always catches my eye on the street & seems to have something to say.

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