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    This is our mission: to help BP gain a conscience.


    Puppet works through some issues & feels really happy!

  • Zephyr Wiseacre

    Material–it’s not material–but if material is a holographic projection onto a 3D record player–onto a 3D record player–then what are we but little bits on the record? Goodness is not a centrifuge. Everything is everywhere.

  • Universal Concepts

    “I was thinking about making a Brady Bunch video and that way everyone could be a bohemian. And we could all play… bohemian.”

  • Pure Cheesecake

    Premiere (or première, from the French première, meaning “first”) of the broken zipper puppet: “I am going to have all my elephants do pirouettes and from now on they have to balance balls on their noses.”

  • No Loitering

    Puppet thinks arrows are more meta than door hinges.

  • Absolutes

    Puppet professes love & gives up poetry for puppetry.

  • The Universe

    Puppet muses over fairness of universe, omens, portents, food, worry, decisions, aliens.

  • The Bubble

    Puppet thinks about Palestinians, demonstrates the literalist interpretation of signs, philosophizes, etc. “The philosophy of nonviolence has been keeping our amoebas down.”

  • Nature Boy vs. Stigmatic

    Puppet musical and musings infused with neurotic Jewish subthemes & riffs & calamine lotion.