Month: December 2006

  • hot boxes

    If every woman would wear refrigerating underwear to cool down their little vaginas, it would help global warming. All these little hot vulvas are just radiating heat into outer space. Plus, probably a whole lot of pheromones, too. There’re probably aliens out there just sniffing around, trying to find out where this is coming from.  […]

  • beauty is as beauty does


  • unwords worth

      christmas poem from kathy’s 80 yr old cleveland grandmother… Writ by hand! / To those I love – Oh the bleak Midwinter / Softly falls the snow / God’s gift of beauty / For us it doth glow / Feel the wind, it gently cheers us / Adding pleasure to our hearts / Feel […]


    OFFWORLD You can grow crystals, pure crystals off world because there’s no gravity. You can also get alloys you can’t get on this world, offworld, because of no gravity. Things mix differently. Some of the intricate belt and sock pattern weaving would be easier offworld because of: lack of gravity. Plus you could glue things […]

  • Lady’s artwork in Croatia

    koji je živio the keyhole ‘z’ ? offworld d h

  • cleveland croatia contour

    natalija (our host’s older daughter) and ognjen arrived from the states to visit their parents this week.  we’re talking to them more here than we ever had a chance to when we were all in cleveland.  intense, serious, thoughtful folk who live their life by a collaborative reasoned philosophy.  they write together, study together, live […]

  • dead street ghost town

    came in to a dead town to blog… library’s closed, as is most everything else (this the day after xmas) - the single cyber cafe we found open has but one computer with a usb port, and someone’s using it to surf the net.  kathy and i wrote a funny short piece this morning titled offword – […]

  • Weirdness

    I had a dream last night that Steve and a friend were smoking and Steve kept teasing me, saying that I couldn’t take a puff. Then I grabbed it and took a puff, and the weed sucked into my mouth and I was sorry, because it was all that we had. Then I dreamt we […]

  • slim pickings

      making love to the same woman day after day is deja vulva. ‘Mas Kodani, a Buddhist in Los Angeles, said in the early twenty-first century: “One does not stand still looking for a path. One walks; and as one walks, a path comes into being.” We make it up as we go, and we […]

  • short in the tooth

      experiment – sit down, take pulse, drink cup coffee, take pulse, drink second cup coffee, take pulse.  14 days without coffee is enough.  going to see if 2 cups a day is feasible.  my heart is much better now, but still arrhythmic. when i go too long without eating or sit around too long […]