Month: May 2012

  • Big Bam

    KS & the Ferns – foto Smith I like this one. Recorded it today with Peter Ball . . . his music, mix, recording, my words and singing. A nursery rhyme from our time … BIG BAM on Many more Ball & Smith musical musings at, all freely downloadable. It be an odd lot […]

  • Far too fast the sun

    Double shadow – foto Smith Far too fast the sun Day driving shadow shadow Till life but blurred sum — Smith, 5.30.2012 Flash pass – foto Smith

  • from Abeilhan to Coulobres via Lady K

    Lady in Abeilhan, France – foto Smith Here is an early video short from Lady K, her second I think, from April 2007. It was delightful: we were living in the south of France in a hilltop village and walked to the next hilltop village through vineyards (from Abeilhan to Coulobres) where I lay in […]

  • day-after-a-great-creative-event blahs

    Waiting for the audience beneath Chiplis neon art display – foto Smith Got the day-after-a-great-creative-event blahs. It’s inevitable . . . I work myself up for a reading or art show, they turn out great, I feel fulfilled, light, spacious for the rest of the day, then wake the next morning as everyday human with […]

  • 2morro Sunday May 27 11-3pm Poetry at Pat’s in the Flats

    Poetry at Pat’s in the Flats 5.27.2012 – foto Smith We pulled some data from the internet to create bios of our seven poets and 2 musicians headlining Poetry at Pat’s in the Flats tomorrow Sunday May 27, 2012 from 11am-3pm. If tomorrow’s gathering is a success, this will be the first in a quarterly […]


    It is always / the beginning again when / I hold a peach

  • Bye Buy version 2

    GlowSmith – foto Smith Here’s another moldy goldy oldie song from Ball & Smith from 7 years ago. Began recording 10 years ago and am still sublimely unknown to the music world, for many a valid reason. This is a multiple-tracked version of Bye Buy with me on me and Peter on Peter on Peter […]

  • Lady sound

    Sunshine Lady – foto Smith Here’s a collage Peter made from one of his own songs preceded by snippets of poetry Lady K had recorded years ago at his place. Gives you a taste of Lady’s voice and poetry. Lady Shanghai #1 . . . or if that doesn’t work, cut and paste ““. Music, […]

  • Mutant Smith’s Unknown Nipple

    Reigning Sound – foto Smith 13 months ago I started putting my songs on Now in the category for local blues bands, I’m #11 with 2,405 online listens (2,404 of them are probably me listening to me). There are 44 tunes available for free listen and free download. I started jamming with Peter Ball […]

  • Bird in bind, bird in hand

    Bird in hand – foto Smith Lady feeds the birds a variety of seeds each morning before her 2 to 4 mile run. She also waters the flower seeds she planted to pleasure the bees, and fills her little bee bath with water. A bee bath is a shallow pool with rocks so the bees […]