Month: July 2012

  • Number 1 Son

    Pappy – foto Smith 40 years ago I asked my father Pappy Smith to write or draw in my art journal. This is what I got. Number 1 Son by Pappy Smith I ain’t no artist so I can’t paint a masterpiece I ain’t no poet so no poetry I ain’t no writer so can’t […]

  • The Better Be Blues

    Strange country – foto Smith The Better Be Blues No rhyming no reason not even scheming just riffing on flukes toning down town where clones within the clowns abound around circus centers short-circuiting service with whethered words reworking the reins while raining rains rain and reign leaving me yet but wet strand in sand unknightly […]

  • Professor Smith — lost in the vaults

    One half second – foto Smith Here’s a long lost Ball & Smith song from the vaults (from way back in December of 2011). I didn’t post it then because I didn’t like it. Peter Ball, my musical maestro I jam with, reintroduced me to the song. Maybe my standards have lowered but it doesn’t […]

  • Natural progression

    Better later – foto Smith Linear now – foto Smith Weak signal – foto Smith Transition – foto Smith Ascension – foto Smith Two more YouTube videos of Lady’s late Grandmother from last year when she gave a teach-in to Occupy Cleveland downtown on Public Square. OCCUPY CLEVELAND Teach In With Lenore Ireland Speaking On […]

  • Lady’s Granny, 1924-2012

    Granny called 3-5-2012 – foto Smith Lady’s Granny, 1924-2012 July 20, 2012: Dark cloud horizon Rain falls on wife’s Grandmother Must bring her our sun July 24, 2012: Granny’s husk waxes, wanes, fine turns to tune of moon dries wings for new flight July 27, 2012: Butterfly blossoms Exits tired shrunken shell Rises to new […]

  • Broken fotos

    Watercolor Smith – foto Smith My camera broke again. Here’s a few of the new non-pictures highly fotoshopped. In art there are no accidents, just opportunities. I’ve used the same model of the Casio Exilim digital camera for ten years now because it’s just the right size to fit in my jeans front pocket and […]

  • State Trooper, Dog Shit & Me

    Do not follow my actions – foto Smith Got a brand new good cop story: State Trooper, Dog Shit & Me. Went rural to visit ailing Granny who’s grandly holding court from her hospital bed in the middle of her daughter’s living room surrounded by relatives near and far who’ve gathered to talk laugh and […]

  • Lady’s Granny

    Granny Lenore Ireland at Snoetry Poetry Festival 2011 – foto Smith Granny’s husk waxes, wanes, fine turns to tune of moon dries wings for new flight — Smith, 7.24.2012 Lady’s Grandmother was moved from hospital to hospice status yesterday, brought home to her daughter’s living room to die surrounded my family while cocooned with serious […]

  • Reconnecting with the lost tribe

    Grandma is dying, sometimes calmly, sometimes poignantly in a bed in my Mom & Dad Green’s living room. “I’m so happy, I’m so happy,” she said several times yesterday. I am too. I am glad that she is not dying slowly and/or painfully in a nursing home, but quickly and surrounded by family. “Now it’s […]

  • basking back in this gilt guilt glow?

    used Unique Thrift t-shirt – foto Smith Alert The front of my used XXXtra-large t-shirt sez Alert: Lazarith Hunters Hostage Inialators Stronghold Crushers It’s time to be about Our Father’s business New Beginning by Diana I don’t know what it means but love how it hangs from my large frame hiding its message in drapes […]