Month: April 2008

  • back pat

    Cleveland Poetry Scene, A Panarama & Anthology – cover by Jim Lang april is poetry month thanks to T.S. Eliot, and it’s been a good month so far for creative recognition for me. i’ve received my copy of Cleveland Poetry Scenes, A Panorama and Anthology. i’m one of 9 poets born in the 1940s to […]

  • trickle down reality

    graffiti – foto by smith monster mask – foto by smith advert – foto by smith

  • dead frogs when i have to

    advert detail – foto by smith excerpt from CRIMINAL by Smith & Lady: When I drank myself to death and ended up in intensive care, I got a call from Dick Head. I told him, “I can’t drink anymore or I’ll die.” He screamed, “Then why don’t you die! I’d rather die than not drink.” […]

  • head dress

    street advert detail – foto by smith street advert detail – foto by smith street advert detail – foto by smith

  • the lucky sevens (comic by smith ‘n’ lady)

  • psycho doodle do

    1973 journal doodles – foto by smith private journal, February 20, 1973 Paul psychology major says my in-class doodles are in his abnormal psych book… under the label of psychotic. It is nice to have labels. I like labels. I am a lot of labels: man, woman, boy, girl, ex-con, ex-this, ex-that. I am ex. […]

  • flux university

    white bird dance – foto by smith Flux U – that’s the school of life i attended. their majors were Learn & Live and Live & Learn, with minors in Learn & Earn and Earn & Live. only problem is the school is endless, never lets up or out. i hope there’s no school on […]

  • mexican food blog

    La Vida (Photo by Lady) Bad peach. Bad plum. I chuck them both in the trash. Took a chance yesterday and got fruit from the big box grocery store, Chedraui. I usually go to a street vendor or traditional market for produce. I go to the big box store for packaged foods, cheese, yogurt, sometimes […]

  • corps & creeps

    graffiti – foto by smith the u.s. social security administration has screwed me. because of their incompetence, i have to reapply for my benefits which were to start this month. that means every month it takes costs me a lost month of benefits. i answered every question they asked, supllied them with every official document […]

  • what the ?

    down front of our apt from 3rd floor – foto by smith posted remains – foto by smith wrestling poster – foto by smith wall hole – foto by smith caution, building in bad shape – foto by smith poster remains – foto by smith